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html5boilerplate - Why min-width: 35em and not 480px or ...
In the latest version of h5bp, you are using min-width:35em for the first breaking point in your queries. I was curious as to why this number specifically? Is this based on the latest smartphone screen sizes or something? Typically its usually been 480px/30em for the first break point.
Vivitar 35EM - - The free camera encyclopedia
The 35EM was a Vivitar entry in the field of compact, self-capping 35mm cameras, inspired by others such as the Olympus XA and the Minox 35.The lens (a 35 mm f/2,8) retracts into the body, focusing is purely by estimation. Exposure is aperture-priority, with shutter speed indicated in the viewfinder.
html - d3 Node Labeling - Stack Overflow
I've been using the sample code from this d3 project to learn how to display d3 graphs and I can't seem to get text to show up in the middle of the circles (similar to this example and this example).I've looked at other examples and have tried adding. node.append("title").text("Node Name To Display") and
True GDM-35 and GDM-35EM-LD - Coca-Cola Parts
True - GDM-35 and GDM-35EM-LD Page 1 of 17 Date: 02-02-2019 8:33 pm. Item No. CCP Part# Mfg. Part# CONA Material# Description NR 148364 410514 150074417 INSERT,KIT,GLASS DOOR,GDM35SLRF NR 148365 410515 150074418 INSERT,KIT,GLASS DOOR,GDM35 IDL 1 107988 842898 150025464 CORD,POWER,DOOR,IDL,LEFT,42",GDM49
Human Intelligence Collector (HUMINT) Job Overview
Geospatial Intelligence – Gathered from satellites and aerial photography/video. Cyber Intelligence – Gathered from the internet/hacking. The MOS 35M – Human Intelligence collector is a needed support element of the battlefield commanders and responsible for information collection operations.
Human Intelligence Collector Jobs (35M) |
The human intelligence collector is responsible for information collection operations. They provide Army personnel with information about the enemy force’s strengths, weaknesses and potential battle areas. Job Duties. Screen human intelligence sources and documents; Debrief and interrogate human intelligence sources
35M Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collector | National Guard
35M Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collector. Debrief and interrogate human intelligence sources. Participate in human intelligence operations. Analyze and prepare intelligence reports. Fort Huachuca, AZ
Media Queries | Codrops CSS Reference
Media Queries explained on the Codrops CSS Reference. A media query limits the scope of CSS styles to only apply when certain media conditions are met.. Think of media queries as if-else statements for the browser to interpret.