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O-san Saseong-am, Doseon-gul Cave - Sacred Sites
O-san Saseong-am, Doseon-gul Cave Spectacular cliff-perched Saseong-am, the Four Sages Hermitage O-san is a very small mountain across the river from the Western area of grand Jiri-san, but it features a very dramatically situated and interesting temple named Saseong-am, which means the Four Sages Hermitage.
Doseon - Wikipedia
Doseon Guksa came from the Gurim Village in Gunseomyeon District of Yeongamgun, Jeollanamdo, on the western slopes of Wolchulsan. Although Doseon's family name was Kim records indicate there was a rumor that Doseon was a descendent of a secondary son of Silla's Great King Taejong Muyeol (664-681).
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Osan Saseong-am of Jiri-san
Some say it was made by Doseon-guksa in the 9th Century, but nothing about it is certain. The grand view from Saseong-am to the NE, across the Seomjin River to Gurye Town and on up the Seoshi-cheon Stream Valley (towards the Cheoneun-sa area and the Jiri-san Hot Springs area).
Sacred Sites of South Korea
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Doseon-guksa – 도선 국사 (826-898) | Dale's Korean Temple ...
In my second article on famous or prominent monks, I decided to write about the great master of meditation: Doseon-guksa. And while Doseon was a great master of meditation in Seon Buddhism, he is best remembered for his creation of Korean feng-shui (geomancy or pungsu-jiri in Korean). Doseon was born in Yeongnam-gun, Jeollanam-do.
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