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Explorers - National Geographic Society
We fund and support groundbreaking scientists, conservationists, educators, and storytellers. Every one of them is a National Geographic Explorer – infinitely curious about our planet, committed to understanding it, and passionate about helping make it better. We bring the world alive in ...
List of Russian explorers - Wikipedia
The Russian conquest of Central Asia was accompanied by the penetration of many explorers into the depths of Eurasia, including Mongolia, Jungaria and Tibet.Notable explorers in this direction included Chokan Valikhanov, Pyotr Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky, Pyotr Chikhachyov, Nikolay Przhevalsky, Grigory Grumm-Grzhimaylo, Bronislav Grombchevsky and ...
Explorers - C -
CABOT, JOHN John Cabot (1450-1499) was an Italian-born English explorer and navigator. In Italy, he is known as Giovanni Caboto (which is his original name).
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La Salle University - La Salle Explorers
The official website for the La Salle University Explorers athletics
Bartle taxonomy of player types - Wikipedia
Explorers, dubbed "Spades" for their tendency to dig around, are players who prefer discovering areas, creating maps and learning about hidden places.
Affordable Victoria Falls Accommodation - Explorers Village
Explorers Village offers the modern pioneer a perfect haven from which to investigate Victoria Falls, widely recognized as the adventure capital of the African continent.
Consciousness Explorers Club – We meditate, and celebrate ...
Being Human Takes Practice The Consciousness Explorers Club is reinventing the community meditation experience. We explore together every Monday night in Toronto, and record audio for those who can’t make it in person.
Glass – Glass - X – The Moonshot Factory
Glass Enterprise Edition is a hands-free device, for hands-on workers that removes distractions and helps you focus on what's most important.