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Explorers for Kids - Ducksters: Education Site
Kids learn about the biography and life of various world explorers from Columbus to Neil Armstrong.
Explorers (1985) - IMDb
A boy obsessed with 50s sci-fi movies about aliens has a recurring dream about a blueprint of some kind, which he draws for his inventor friend.
Explorers - National Geographic Society
We fund and support groundbreaking scientists, conservationists, educators, and storytellers. Every one of them is a National Geographic Explorer – infinitely ...
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List of Russian explorers - Wikipedia
The Russian colonization of the Americas followed in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, through the joint efforts of the state and private enterprises such as ...
Explorers - C -
CABOT, JOHN John Cabot (1450-1499) was an Italian-born English explorer and navigator. In Italy, he is known as Giovanni Caboto (which is his original name).
The Official Athletics Website of La Salle University ...
Official site for the Explorers with news items, rosters, statistics, pictures, and results.
Unknown Explorers - UE- Cryptozoology, Aliens, UFOs ...
An in depth website for cryptozoology, aliens, ufos, ghosts, paranormal, space, and exploring the unknown.
Glass – Glass - X – The Moonshot Factory
Glass Enterprise Edition is a hands-free device, for hands-on workers that removes distractions and helps you focus on what's most important.