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Prototype v1.7.3 API documentation
Code written this way is flexible — you can pass it the ID of the element or the element itself without any type sniffing. Invoking it with only one argument returns the Element, while invoking it with multiple arguments returns an Array of Elements (and this works recursively: if you're twisted, you could pass it an array containing some ...
Prototype v1.7.3 API documentation
$$(cssRule...) → [Element…]Takes an arbitrary number of CSS selectors (strings) and returns a document-order array of extended DOM elements that match any of them.
Prototype v1.7.2 API documentation | Home
Building Prototype from source. prototype.js is a composite file generated from many source files in the src/ directory. To build Prototype, you'll need: a copy of the Prototype source tree, either from a distribution tarball or from the Git repository (see below)
prototype.js逆引きサンプル集 - JavaScriptist
はじめに bookmark. prototype.jsの概要; ユーティリティ関数 bookmark. 指定idのエレメントを取得 - $ 指定idのエレメントのvalueを取得 - $F
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