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Front Vault | Definition of Front Vault by Merriam-Webster
Front vault definition is - a vault in gymnastics executed to the right or left in which the body is raised sideward and then rotated a quarter turn inward so that the front of the body passes over the apparatus.
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Front Handspring Vault - Gym Drill Pro
Front Handspring on Floor. The gymnast should run several steps, hurdle, lunge and put their hands on the floor at a comfortable distance. Their hands should not be too close to the lunging leg, and they shouldn’t jump before putting their hands on the floor.
How to do a Front Handspring on Vault -
A front handspring on vault is an incredibly important gymnastics skill because some gymansts perform it from level 4 all the way through level 8.While the deductions get stricter as a gymnast progresses through the levels, the skill remains the same.
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Vault - Official Conan Exiles Wiki
The vault barely fits into a square room four foundations wide and three foundation levels high. It might be necessary to build the side walls first. In the 5th July 2018 patch, the Vault and all crates were moved to being crafted in the Artisan's Worktable.
Vault-front handspring front tuck (9.625)
Improve Your Front Handspring And Front Tuck Flip With Coach Meggin! - Duration: 4:01. Fit And Fun With Coach Meggin 12,311 views