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Blank | Definition of Blank at
n. late 14c. as the name of a small French coin; 1550s as "white space in the center of a target," from the same source as blank (adj.). Meaning "empty space" (in a document, etc.) is from c.1570.
Blank | Definition of Blank by Merriam-Webster
Choose the Right Synonym for blank. Adjective. empty, vacant, blank, void, vacuous mean lacking contents which could or should be present. empty suggests a complete absence of contents. an empty bucket vacant suggests an absence of appropriate contents or occupants. a vacant apartment blank stresses the absence of any significant, relieving, or intelligible features on a surface.
Blank - definition of blank by The Free Dictionary
blank (blăngk) adj. blank·er, blank·est 1. a. Devoid of writing, images, or marks: a blank wall; a blank screen. b. Containing no information; unrecorded or erased: a blank tape; a blank diskette. See Synonyms at empty. c. Having spaces for information to be provided; not completed or filled in: a blank questionnaire. 2. Not having received final ...
blank - Wiktionary
Referee Michael Oliver failed to detect a foul in a crowded box and the Canaries escaped down the tunnel with the scoreline still blank. (figuratively) Lacking characteristics which give variety; uniform.
blank | Definition of blank in English by Oxford Dictionaries
‘In both photographs the inanimate face is shown in three-quarter profile facing right against a blank background.’ ‘The blank background beautifully reflects the tonal differences, conjuring up the stark light of the Mediterranean and the murky tones of America.’
BLANK | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
blank definition: 1. empty or clear, or containing no information or mark: 2. showing no understanding or no emotion in the expression on your face: 3. complete and absolute: . Learn more.
Blank (cartridge) - Wikipedia
Blank rimfire cartridges, commonly called power loads, are also used in some nail guns (powder-actuated tools), where the power is tapped to force a heavy piston into the nail, with enough force to bury its full length in steel or concrete.. Some forms of fast draw competitions use special blanks that are loaded with a layer of slow burning rifle powder on top of a thin layer of faster-burning ...
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blank - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.
Excel formula: If cell is blank | Exceljet
To test a cell and take some action if the cell is blank (empty), you can use the IF function. The formula in cell E5 is: