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A biplane is a fixed-wing aircraft with two main wings stacked one above the other. The first powered, controlled aeroplane to fly, the Wright Flyer, used a biplane wing arrangement, as did many aircraft in the early years of aviation.
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Biplane, airplane with two wings, one above the other. In the 1890s this configuration was adopted for some successful piloted gliders. The Wright brothers’ biplanes (1903–09) opened the era of powered flight.
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Biplane definition, an airplane with two sets of wings, one above and usually slightly forward of the other. See more.
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Biplane definition is - an aircraft with two main supporting surfaces usually placed one above the other.
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The biplane was then maintained as a crop duster for several years until it was restored to its original military configuration and paint scheme. | Catherine Hayes (below) will be taking part in Wing Walk Yorkshire for Parkinsons UK on this Boeing Stearman biplane
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Define biplane. biplane synonyms, biplane pronunciation, biplane translation, English dictionary definition of biplane. n. An airplane having two pairs of wings fixed at different levels, especially one above and one below the fuselage. n a type of aeroplane having two sets...
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The Biplane is a Modern Era air fighter unit in Civilization VI. In the Gathering Storm expansion, the Biplane requires no Oil to train but 1 Oil per turn to maintain.
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The Biplane is an airplane featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, serving as one of only two controllable airplanes in the game, the other being the Skimmer.