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Crunch is a gym that believes in making serious exercise fun by fusing fitness and entertainment and pioneering a philosophy of No Judgments.
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crunch numbers, Computers.. to perform a great many numerical calculations or extensive manipulations of numerical data. to process a large amount of data.
Crunch - definition of crunch by The Free Dictionary
crunch (krŭnch) v. crunched, crunch·ing, crunch·es 1. To chew with a noisy crackling sound. 2. To crush, grind, or tread noisily. 3. Slang To perform operations on; manipulate or process (numerical or mathematical data). v.intr. 1. To chew noisily with a crackling sound: crunching on celery. 2. To move with a crushing sound: crunching through ...
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Looking for a place where fitness is fun? At Crunch, we've got brand-new equipment, miles of cardio, awesome classes, personal training, full service locker rooms, online nutrition programs and ...
CRUNCH | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
crunch definition: 1. to crush hard food loudly between the teeth, or to make a sound as if something is being crushed or broken: 2. the sound of hard food being crushed between the teeth, or like something being crushed or broken: 3. a difficult situation that forces you to make a decision or…. Learn more.
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The latest Tweets from Crunch (@CrunchGym). We make serious fitness fun! #ItsCrunchTime #WhatsYourCrunchTime. United States
Crunch (exercise) - Wikipedia
The reverse crunch is a crunch done with the upper back on the floor and lifting the hips up instead.; The twisting crunch is performed by lifting one shoulder at a time. More emphasis is placed on the obliques.; The Thai crunch is performed by hitting the stomach after full contraction. This variation is used by Muay Thai fighters to condition the core to take hits from punches or knees.
Crunch - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
bone-crunching Extremely fierce, violent, harsh, or of great impact. There was a bone-crunching collision between the two cyclists on the road. The two teams played a bone-crunching game last night. caught in the crunch To have been the victim of difficult circumstances or pressures, especially financial ones and often those that are outside of one's ...
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