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What is a Data Source? Definitions and Examples - Talend
A data source is the location where data that is being used originates from. A data source may be the initial location where data is born or where physical information is first digitized, however even the most refined data may serve as a source, as long as another process accesses and utilizesit.
What is a Data Source? - Definition from Techopedia
A data source, in the context of computer science and computer applications, is the location where data that is being used come from. In a database management system, the primary data source is the database, which can be located in a disk or a remote server. The data source for a computer program can be a file, a data sheet, a spreadsheet, an XML file or even hard-coded data within the program.
100+ of the Best Free Data Sources For Your Next Project
Free Data Sources: Retail. 100. Love the Sales: Free data for insights into the global retail industry. Free Data Sources: Social. 101. Facebook Graph: API that pulls data about Facebook engagement. 102. SocialMention: Real-time social media search and analysis. 103. Google Trends: Data and trends by search engine engagement.
50 Amazing Free Data Sources You Should Know - Infogram
U.S. Census Bureau – The Census Bureau’s mission is to serve as the leading source of quality data about the people and economy of the US, including population data, geographic data, and education. U.S. Food & Drug Administration – Here you will find a compressed data file of the Drugs@FDA database.
70 Amazing Free Data Sources You Should Know
Here we’ve rounded up 70 free data sources for 2017 on government, crime, health, financial and economic data,marketing and social media, journalism and media, real estate, company directory and review, and more. We hope you could enjoy this and save a lot time and energy searching blindly online. Free Data Source: Government
Understanding Data Sources - Oracle
Data sources are the building blocks that you use to set up an enterprise configuration. Data sources define all the databases and logic machines required by the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne configuration. Each database and machine in the enterprise must be defined as a data source for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to recognize it.