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Depiction definition, representation in image form, as in a painting or illustration: Picasso's painting Guernica is an accurate depiction of the horrors of war. See more.
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Depict and Depiction. If you depict someone or something, you show what that person or thing is like—either in some kind of image (such as a drawing, painting, photograph, or movie), or with words.
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Noun: 1. depiction - a graphic or vivid verbal description; "too often the narrative was interrupted by long word pictures"; "the author gives a depressing picture of life in Poland"; "the pamphlet contained brief characterizations of famous Vermonters"
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Depiction is reference conveyed through pictures. Basically a picture refers to its object through a non-linguistic two-dimensional scheme. A picture is not writing or notation. A depictive two-dimensional scheme is called a picture plane and may be constructed according to descriptive geometry where they are usually divided between projections (orthogonal and various oblique angles) and ...
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Definition of depiction - the action of depicting something, especially in a work of art
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1. Resemblance Theories of Depiction 1.1 Resemblance and its Critics. Resemblance theories of depiction are commonly traced to Republic, book X, where Plato suggests that a painting of an object is a mimesis (imitation or representation) of its shape and colour. The idea is intuitively plausible, and it provides the basis for a variety of attempts by philosophers to define or analyse the ...
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Mr. Secretary, thank you very much for your extremely eloquent depiction of the global view.; Bush. However, the Mii tool can also be used to make some fantastic cartoon and fictional characters as well.To the left side of the image is a depiction of Pochacco, a character known from the Sanrio universe.; This was the favorite Victorian depiction of fairies, tiny beings that delighted the eye ...
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These examples of depiction are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University ...
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