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Destroy | Definition of Destroy by Merriam-Webster
Destroy definition is - to ruin the structure, organic existence, or condition of; also : to ruin as if by tearing to shreds. How to use destroy in a sentence.
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Related forms de·stroy·a·ble, adjective half-de·stroyed, adjective pre·de·stroy, verb (used with object) self-de·stroyed, adjective self-de·stroy·ing, adjective un·de·stroyed, adjective well-de·stroyed, adjective Can be confused decimate destroy (see usage note at decimate) Synonyms for destroy
Destroy - definition of destroy by The Free Dictionary
'destroy' If you destroy something, you cause so much damage to it that it can no longer be used or it no longer exists.
Destroy Synonyms, Destroy Antonyms |
It is a crime which, if persisted in, will destroy the Government itself. They want their own poor way, and destroy the work of their hands by the sound of their tongues. Some of us are only fit to destroy what is yet worse than ourselves. To treat a child wholly as an adult would be to mock and destroy it.
destroy - Dictionary Definition :
To destroy is the opposite of to construct or to build. When you destroy something, you cause destruction, when you build something, you are involved in its construction. In war, soldiers are sometimes sent on missions to search and destroy.
DESTROY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
These guns will destroy or disable any incoming missile. Many important historical documents were destroyed in the fire. In 1906 an earthquake destroyed much of San Francisco. A bomb fell on the church and destroyed it. Deforestation is destroying large areas of tropical rain forest.
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destroy - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions
destroy - Wiktionary
destroy (third-person singular simple present destroys, present participle destroying, simple past and past participle destroyed) ( transitive ) To damage beyond use or repair . The earthquake destroyed several apartment complexes.
Destroy - Hearthstone Wiki
Discarding a card removes it directly from the player's hand and from the game, but does not destroy it. The destruction of a minion is often referred to as 'killing' or 'dying'. The destruction of a minion is often referred to as 'killing' or 'dying'.
Destroy Destroy Destroy - Wikipedia
Chad Bowar of, defined Destroy Destroy Destroy as a "versatile band, which incorporates many genres into their sound" and that "their songs are sometimes orchestral and majestic with lots of keyboards, and other times harsh and intense with blast beats and breakdowns."