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Deja Vu Discs has been buying & selling quality used discs since our first store opened back in 1995. We provide a real alternative to buying "new" with absolutely no compromises.
The Basement Discs
GLENN SHORROCK ‘…Sings Little River Band – The Hits Live In Studio’ – CD $ 26.00 Add to cart IAN MOSS ‘Self-titled’ – CD $ 25.00 Add to cart WILD BEASTS ‘Last Night All My Dreams Came True’ – CD
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Music, Movies, Gifts and More! Whether it’s CDs, vinyl, Cassettes, DVDs, or Blu Rays, we’ll have it ready and waiting. Our selection includes both used and new media from across the board in one convenient place.
Parallel Plate Capacitor - Georgia State University
k = relative permittivity of the dielectric material between the plates. k=1 for free space, k>1 for all media, approximately =1 for air. The Farad, F, is the SI unit for capacitance, and from the definition of capacitance is seen to be equal to a Coulomb/Volt.. Any of the active parameters in the expression below can be calculated by clicking on it.
Diamond Discs Int
Diamond Discs International is a long standing A+ Rated Fully Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau. Our knowledgeable and technically trained staff delivers a No Headache experience with proper recommendations of the construction industry’s most superior diamond blades, drilling and cutti
Keen Abrasives - Manufacturer of Bonded & Coated Abrasives
Please visit our eBay store for retail orders: Sanding Discs
RedPup Productions - Iron Shadows - High Quality Artwork ...
High resolution art discs and artwork for CNC plasma cutting systems, laser cutting systems, waterjet cutters, CNC routers and engravers
Dropa Stone Discs - Crystalinks
Photos of the Dropa Stones. Each stone disk was reportedly inscribed with two fine grooves spiraling from the edge to a hole in the disk's center, perhaps not unlike the Phaistos Disk.
Innova Discs - The Factory Store
The Innova Disc Golf Pro Shop. The Factory Store offers Discount Disc Golf Discs, Quantity Discounts on Factory Seconds, Customer Reward Points, Free Shipping and more! Purchase unique discs and apparel. We stock the latest test runs / configurations, out of production models, apparel, and a variety of Factory Seconds. Our main goal is to ensure that each customer is satisfied with their purchase.
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Click on the link below to enter. Reproduction GB Tax Discs (all years 1921-1993). We are the country's leading (and cheapest) supplier of reproduction tax discs for classic vehicles.