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Don | Definition of Don by Merriam-Webster
Don: [geographical name] river 1224 miles (1969 kilometers) long in Russia in Europe flowing southeast and then southwest into the Sea of Azov.
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Don - definition of don by The Free Dictionary
don 1 (dŏn) n. 1. Don (also dōn) Used as a courtesy title before the name of a man in a Spanish-speaking area. 2. Chiefly British a. A head, tutor, or fellow at a college of Oxford or Cambridge. b. A college or university professor. 3. The leader of an organized-crime family. 4. Archaic An important personage. [Spanish dialectal and Italian, both from ...
Urban Dictionary: Don
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don - Dictionary Definition :
To don means to put on, as in clothing or hats. A hunter will don his camouflage clothes when he goes hunting.
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