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Eagerly - definition of eagerly by The Free Dictionary
At the moment he passed through the gateway into the street, the wind blew open the cloak in which he was wrapped, although it was in the month of August, and lifted his hat, which the traveler seized with his hand the moment it had left his head, pulling it eagerly over his eyes.
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Eager | Definition of Eager by Merriam-Webster
… wine connoisseurs eager to visit cellars and late-fall pilgrims seeking the increasingly rare white truffle … — Corby Kummer, Atlantic, August 2000 … so many religions were steeped in an absolutist frame of mind—each convinced that it alone had a monopoly on the truth and therefore eager for the state to impose this truth on others.
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If you do something eagerly, you do it with much excitement and enthusiasm. When it's your turn to hit the piñata at a party, you might grab the bat eagerly because you can't wait to take a swing.
eagerly | Definition of eagerly in English by Oxford Dictionaries
‘They will eagerly, and often impulsively, engage in social interactions, even with strangers.’ ‘To a capacity crowd, they slip easily and eagerly into the role of warm-up band with a more than healthy gusto.’
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The crowd moved eagerly from the balcony toward the porch.; The next moment two bees flew eagerly in.; The whole household, as if to atone for not having done it sooner, set eagerly to work at the new task of placing the wounded in the carts.; She turned, eagerly absorbing his information. She rolled over to face him, sliding eagerly into his embrace. » more...
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Still more eagerly her big blue eyes tried to look in all directions at once, that no thing of beauty or interest in this wonderful house might be passed unseen.
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Actually, I can not recall any Ashes series that has not been described as eagerly anticipated, but the truth is that all sports, even sedate and gentlemanly cricket, are now locked into a battle of hyperbole in their desperation to whet our jaded appetites.
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