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Emanating definition, to flow out, issue, or proceed, as from a source or origin; come forth; originate. See more.
Emanating - definition of emanating by The Free Dictionary
To come or send forth, as from a source: light that emanated from a lamp; kindness that emanated from a teacher; a stove that emanated a steady heat; a singer who emanated deep sadness. See Synonyms at stem 1.
Emanate | Definition of Emanate by Merriam-Webster
Choose the Right Synonym for emanate. spring, arise, rise, originate, derive, flow, issue, emanate, proceed, stem mean to come up or out of something into existence. spring implies rapid or sudden emerging. an idea that springs to mind arise and rise may both convey the fact of coming into existence or notice but rise often stresses gradual growth or ascent.
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The sun was formless and purple in the vibrations of wrath that were emanating from Azuria. These sensations of light, emanating from without, are at the bottom of many of our dreams.
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When you spread good cheer to everyone you meet, this is an example of when happiness is emanating from you. When a lamp shines its light on a room, this is an example of when the light is emanating from the lamp.
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grid station, Railway Road, Toba Road, Kathoor and Dawakhari feeders emanating from 132-KV Gojra grid station, Saeed Abad-1 feeder originating from 66-KV Nia Lahore grid station, Kot Khan, Noorwaywala and Sargodha Road feeders emanating from 132-KV Bhamb grid station, Rakh Dagana
EMANATING | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
emanating definition: 1. present participle of emanate 2. to express a quality or feeling through the way that you look and behave: . Learn more.
EMANATE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
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‘It was the unfamiliar scent of vanilla and the warmth emanating from the heated water!’ ‘You use very distinct and textured musical scores that seem to emanate from the actual source.’
emanate - Wiktionary
that subsisting from of government from which all special laws emanate (transitive, rare) To send or give out; manifest.