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Grotesque | Definition of Grotesque by Merriam-Webster
Grotesque definition is - a style of decorative art characterized by fanciful or fantastic human and animal forms often interwoven with foliage or similar figures that may distort the natural into absurdity, ugliness, or caricature. How to use grotesque in a sentence. Did You Know? Synonym Discussion of grotesque.
Grotesque | Definition of Grotesque at
What’s The Difference Among Ghouls, Goblins, And Ghosts? Come Halloween, miniature ghosts, ghouls, and goblins ring your doorbell. But each of the three freaky frights has a different history and personality.
Grotesque - Wikipedia
Since at least the 18th century (in French and German as well as English), grotesque (or grottoesque) has come to be used as a general adjective for the strange, mysterious, magnificent, fantastic, hideous, ugly, incongruous, unpleasant, or disgusting, and thus is often used to describe weird shapes and distorted forms such as Halloween masks. In art, performance, and literature, however ...
Grotesque - definition of grotesque by The Free Dictionary
gro·tesque (grō-tĕsk′) adj. 1. Characterized by ludicrous, repulsive, or incongruous distortion, as of appearance or manner. See Synonyms at ugly. 2. Outlandish or bizarre, as in character or appearance. See Synonyms at fantastic. 3. Of, relating to, or being the grotesque style in art or a work executed in this style. n. 1. One that is grotesque ...
grotesque - Dictionary Definition :
Grotesque also refers to a style of art that uses odd and fanciful combinations of natural, human, and animal forms. The original reference was to cave paintings found in ancient Roman ruins. Our English word is from French, from Italian grottesca pittura "a cave painting," from grotta "cave." Italian grotta is the source of our English word grotto.
Grotesque Synonyms, Grotesque Antonyms |
The outrage on the Warden was not so grotesque, but the effect was the same. It has a pompous Latin name, but it is incurably Gothic and grotesque.
GROTESQUE | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
grotesque meaning: 1. strange and unpleasant, especially in a silly or slightly frightening way: 2. wrong or unfair to a shocking degree: 3. a painting or other artistic work with an image of a person that is ugly or unpleasant as its subject: . Learn more.
Grotesque (1988) - IMDb
Directed by Joe Tornatore. With Linda Blair, Tab Hunter, Donna Wilkes, Brad Wilson. A gang of crazed punkers breaks into a family's vacation home in the mountains and slaughters the entire family, except for one daughter who gets away. As the gang pursues the girl through the snow, they slowly realize that some kind of murderous creature is chasing them...
Grotesque | ornamentation |
Grotesque: Grotesque, in architecture and decorative art, fanciful mural or sculptural decoration involving mixed animal, human, and plant forms. The word is derived from the Italian grotteschi, referring to the grottoes in which these decorations were found c. 1500 during the excavation of Roman houses such
Grotesque (2009) - IMDb
Grotesque (2009) *** (out of 4) Extremely graphic, depraved and vile film from Japan about teenagers Kazuo (Hiroaki Kawatsure) and Aki (Tsugumi Nagasawa) who are on their first date when they're kidnapped by a sadistic surgeon (Shigeo Osako) who takes them back to his house, ties them up and begins to torture them. As a life-long horror fan it seems every few one, two or three new movies cause ...