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High-profile | Definition of High-profile by Merriam-Webster
Definition of high-profile. : attracting a lot of attention in newspapers, on television, etc. a high-profile legal case. a high-profile athlete. She has a very high-profile job.
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High profile - definition of high profile by The Free ...
high profile. n. a. a position or approach characterized by a deliberate seeking of prominence or publicity. b. (as modifier): a high-profile campaign.
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‘Despite his high profile in the county he knows a newcomer to politics has a tough task.’ ‘Far from deterring people, a dangerous edge and a high profile increase the desirability of the sport.’
High Profile - Wikipedia
High Profile is a crime novel by Robert B. Parker, the sixth in his Jesse Stone series. The novel begins with the discovery of a body hanging from a tree in the park. Roberto Planos is wrong. It doesn’t take long to figure out that this is no suicide, as the person had been shot several times before the hanging.
High Profile (Jesse Stone Novels): Robert B. Parker ...
Praise for High Profile “Crisply etched characters…smooth, lean prose. There is a level of narrative tension—and plain polished professionalism—below which Parker is incapable of descending.
High-profile definition and meaning | Collins English ...
A high-profile person or a high-profile event attracts a lot of attention or publicity. of football's high profile chairmen. ...the high-profile reception being given to the president. Synonyms: famous, prominent, eminent, celebrated More Synonyms of high profile.
High-profile dictionary definition | high-profile defined
high-profile definition: The definition of high profile is someone or something that is well known by most and that garners a lot of attention. (adjective) An example of high profile is the OJ Simpson murder case.
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HIGH-PROFILE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
"high-profile" in English. C2 attracting a lot of attention and interest from the public and newspapers, television, etc.: He resigned from a high-profile job as economic adviser to the president. There is a growing number of women in high-profile positions in the government. Some very high-profile British players have transferred to clubs abroad.