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Inflict | Definition of Inflict by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web. Little benefit would result from this, thus condemning low-income Americans to the fuel poverty that green policies have inflicted on so many Germans. — Robert Ham, WSJ, "Carbon Tax: An Optimal Solution or Folly?," 13 Jan. 2019 No doubt that most of the Seahawks’ penalties were self-inflicted Sunday. ...
Inflict | Define Inflict at
Contemporary Examples. of inflict. The rise of ISIS has revealed the horrors that people are willing to inflict upon one another.
Inflict Synonyms, Inflict Antonyms |
They can do a great deal of harm,--inflict a great deal of suffering. The greatest wrong you can inflict upon me will be inflicted by your desertion.
Inflict - definition of inflict by The Free Dictionary
The girl's words so inspired the Prince with confidence that he told her all his tale of woe, and ended up by asking her advice as to how he was to escape the punishment the Fairy would be sure to inflict on him when she discovered that he had not cut down the trees in the wood and that he had broken her axe.
inflict - Dictionary Definition :
The verb inflict comes from the Latin word inflictus, meaning “to strike or dash against.”If you cause anything bad to happen to a person, animal, or even an object, you inflict that badness on them. For example, someone can inflict injuries or suffering on other people or inflict damage on property.
INFLICT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
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inflict | Definition of inflict in English by Oxford ...
‘That luck will have to hold, as City inflicted one of the biggest defeats of the season on us earlier in the season.’ ‘Party activists and trade unionists were going to inflict a string of defeats on the leadership on key policy areas.’
Inflict legal definition of inflict -
The use of a inflict such injury immediate can be Judge Liverpool Crown Court heard that McLaughlin was Conrad involved in an argument with some men when the victim and a friend intervened to try to calm the situation down.
Inflicted | Define Inflicted at
Inflicted definition, to impose as something that must be borne or suffered: to inflict punishment. See more.
Inflict on - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
inflict (someone or something) (up)on (one) 1. To cause someone to have to care for someone else, especially when doing so is burdensome or otherwise unwelcome. Oh, please don't inflict Uncle Albert on me—he's so obnoxious! 2. To cause someone to have to endure something that is damaging, troublesome, or problematic. Their military is trying to ...