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Infusion | definition of infusion by Medical dictionary
infusion [in-fu´zhun] 1. the steeping of a substance in water to obtain its soluble principles. 2. the product obtained by this process. 3. the slow therapeutic introduction of fluid other than blood into a vein. intravenous infusion see intravenous infusion. subcutaneous infusion hypodermoclysis. in·fu·sion (in-fyū'zhŭn), 1. The process of ...
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Worms may be destroyed by an infusion of walnut-tree leaves, or by pouring into the holes a ley made of wood ashes and lime. The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all Its Various Branches, Mary Eaton. British Dictionary definitions for infusion
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What is Infusion Therapy? (with pictures) -
Infusion therapy is a type of medical treatment in which medication is delivered directly into the body via a blood vessel, the spinal cord, or a muscle.
About Infusion Therapy - NHIA
Infusion therapy involves the administration of medication through a needle or catheter. It is prescribed when a patient’s condition is so severe that it cannot be treated effectively by oral medications.
Infusion - Wikipedia
Infusion is the process of extracting chemical compounds or flavors from plant material in a solvent such as water, oil or alcohol, by allowing the material to remain suspended in the solvent over time (a process often called steeping).An infusion is also the name for the resultant liquid. The process of infusion is distinct from both decoction—a method of extraction involving boiling the ...
IV Drug Infusion FAQs: Guidelines, Treatment, Conditions
Learn what to expect during an intravenous (IV) drug infusion of medicine and avoid the confusion of what to expect. Information on what to bring, questions to ask the staff, and follow-up are included, along with helpful guidelines that explain the IV drug infusion treatments.
What is Infusion Therapy & What Diseases Does it Treat?
Learn more about infusion therapy, an alternative to oral treatment, and what diseases it can help treat.
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Infusion Bar and Grill
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