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Its | Definition of Its by Merriam-Webster
the dog in its kennel The landscape is beautiful in its own unique way. Each region has its own customs. The company is hoping to increase its sales.
‘Its’ or ‘it’s’? | Oxford Dictionaries
‘Its’ or ‘it’s’? The word it’s is always short for ‘it is’ (as in it's raining), or in informal speech, for ‘it has’ (as in it's got six legs).. The word its means ‘belonging to it’ (as in hold its head still while I jump on its back).It is a possessive pronoun like his.. Back to Usage. You may also be interested in: 'Adverse' or 'averse'?
Its | Define Its at
A very common mistake is to write its (the possessive form of it) when it's (the short form of it is or it has) is required: It's [it is] unclear what he meant. It's [it has] been wonderful seeing you again. But do not use it's for it has when has is the main verb: It has a strong flavor; use it sparingly cannot be written as It's a strong flavor… An equally common mistake is to use it's for ...
Its and It's -
Its Its is like his and her. (They are all possessive adjectives.)Look at these examples: These are his pies. (His is used for a masculine possessor (owner).)These are her flowers. (Her is used for feminine possessor.)These are its footprints. (Its is used for neuter possessor.)A Video Summary Here is a short video summarizing the difference between its and it's.
Its - definition of its by The Free Dictionary
its (ĭts) adj.The possessive form of it Used as a modifier before a noun: The airline canceled its early flight to New York. [Alteration of it's : it + -'s.] Usage Note: Its is the possessive form of the pronoun it and is correctly written without an apostrophe: The cat licked its paws. The contraction it's (for it is or it has) should always have an ...
Business Writing: Its? It's? Or Its'?
A friend of mine asked me to write about how to choose the correct form of its, and I am happy to comply.Those three little letters cause a lot of confusion, but once you master a couple of basic rules, the choice becomes simple.
its - Wiktionary
Pronoun []. its. The one (or ones) belonging to it. [from 17th c.] 1645, Philip Wharton, 4th Baron Wharton, Letter to Ferdinando Fairfax, 6 February 1645: [...] both Houses have resolved to rob the North of a good friend of its and yours.; 2007 — Ian Austen, "Canadian Court Opens Up eBay Data to Tax Agency", New York Times, October 1, 2007: EBay Canada argued in court that the data sought by ...
The Difference Between It's and Its: Tips and Quiz
One of the most common mistakes in English is the incorrect use of the contraction 'it's' (meaning it is) and the possessive adjective 'its'. Examples of Misused It's and Its
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