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Junk is a type of ancient Chinese sailing ship that is still in use today. Junks were used as seagoing vessels as early as the 2nd century AD and developed rapidly during the Song dynasty (960–1279). They evolved in the later dynasties, and were used throughout Asia for extensive ocean voyages.
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noun. any old or discarded material, as metal, paper, or rags. anything that is regarded as worthless, meaningless, or contemptible; trash. old cable or cordage used when untwisted for making gaskets, swabs, oakum, etc.
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…an ungainly figure, the Chinese junk was an excellent hull for seaworthiness as well as for beaching in shoal (shallow) water. The principal advantage, however, not apparent from an external view, was great structural rigidity.
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1. Discarded material, such as glass, rags, paper, or metal, some of which may be reused in some form.
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Choose the Right Synonym for junk. Verb. discard, cast, shed, slough, scrap, junk mean to get rid of. discard implies the letting go or throwing away of something that has become useless or superfluous though often not intrinsically valueless. discard old clothes cast, especially when used with off, away, or out, implies a forceful rejection or repudiation.
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For the landmark in the Fallen Arm, see Junks (landmark). The Junks (English dub:/ˈdʒʌŋks/, as in the word junk) is a headquarters in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located in the Hidden Machina Village, on the lower level of the Fallen Arm. It appears to be the headquarters for Miqol, Linada and...
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