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Study the 48 Middot |
These 48 Jewish virtues or values (in Hebrew "middot") serve as the basis for the study of a variety of Jewish texts. Perfect for students of all ages, middot can be studied individually, with a study partner, and by families.
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An interpunct ( ·), also known as an interpoint, middle dot, middot, and centered dot or centred dot, is a punctuation mark consisting of a vertically centered dot used for interword separation in ancient Latin script.
Middot | Judaism |
Middot, (Hebrew: “measure,” or “norms”), in Jewish hermeneutics or biblical interpretation, methods or principles used to explicate the meaning of biblical words or passages to meet the exigencies of new situations.
Middot. The thirteen middot (character traits) as outlined by Rabbi Mendel of Satanov in his book Cheshbon ha-Nefesh.[1]
middot; middle dot, interpunct
The middle dot (a.k.a. interpunct) is often used as a list separator, or in e.g. dictionaries for separating parts of a word (though in Unicode that is technically a different, but most often identical looking character: ‧).
Middot — Character Development - Jewish Essentials
The Torah puts great stress on character development — on becoming better people. This is called Tikkun [correcting] Middot [our character]. We must always strive to correct our faults and improve our character.
Middot-Jewish Values Chart and Activities for Teachers
This middot grid provides teachers and students with a list of Jewish values in Hebrew and English. Teachers may encourage their students to learn the words in Hebrew and their meanings. Teachers may encourage their students to learn the words in Hebrew and their meanings.
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list-style-type doesn't select what character to use, it selects an abstract marker to use. Note the standard states: The value 'none' specifies no marker, otherwise there are three types of marker: glyphs, numbering systems, and alphabetic systems.
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Get the complete details on Unicode character U+00B7 on FileFormat.Info
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¢ cent £ £ pound € € euro § § section † † dagger ‡ ‡ double dagger ‘ ‘ left single quotes ’ ’ right single ...
Middot Series #1 - The Art of Character Perfection
Rabbi Shraga Simmons is the co-founder of, and co-author of "48 Ways to Wisdom" (ArtScroll). He is Founder and Director of's advanced learning site. He is co-founder of, and author of "David & Goliath", the definitive account of anti-Israel media bias.
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(typography) Synonym of interpunct · ... Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary
middot chart - Riverton Mussar
middot chart Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Satanov has outline the 13 Middot (character traits) in his book Cheshbon ha-Nefesh [1] . Also added is some description of the middot by Rabbi Menachem Mendel and the Riverton Mussar team.
Perfecting one's Middot - Halachipedia
Perfecting one's middot (character traits) is the reason for man's existence. It is a prerequisite for all mitzvot and bad middot are the basis for all sins. The basis for perfecting one's middot is the mitzvah to cling to Hashem and become similar to Him.
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Sheriff rsquo s Office 1st floor middot Requests for Sheriff rsquo s Office assistance middot Federal, State amp law enforcement information middot Civil process assistance Jail Jail is located at 100 South VineCoordinator 1st floorAdministration middot General county information middot Meeting room schedules middot CountyBoard appointments and agenda middot CountyBoard minutes middot Bid ...
Getting to Know Your Values and Middot
Middot come out in a person’s life in all sorts of ways--with friends, family, and people we know; in the way we think about life or the things we learn; in the ways we try to change the world or our place in it for the better.
The importance attributed to the thirteen middot in this prayer and the potency ascribed to the recitation of them in the penitential prayer are based upon an overliteral and partially erroneous interpretation of a passage from the Talmud, which runs as follows (R. H. 17b): "After God had proclaimed the thirteen middot to Moses, He told him ...
A Listening Ear - Middah Sh'miat Haozen |
About Middot In Pirkei Avot 6:6, we read, "The Torah is greater than the priesthood and than royalty, seeing that royalty is acquired through thirty virtues, the priesthood twenty-four, while the Torah is acquired through forty-eight virtues."
Treatise in the Mishnah; tenth in the order Ḳodashim. It deals with the dimensions and the arrangement of the Temple, and is divided into five chapters containing thirty-four paragraphs in all.
Middot |
middot It is found in the Mishnah only. This tractate gives, in five chapters, exact details and measurements of the building of the Temple and of its component parts, intended perhaps to serve as a guide for the rebuilding of the Temple.
Mishna - Middoth (E)
mishna - mas. middoth chapter 1 mishnah 1. in three places priests keep watch1 in the temple2 — in the chamber of abtinas, in the flash chamber and in the fire chamber.3 the
Mindfulness & Tikkun Middot Project for Jewish Organizations
The Tikkun Middot Project (TMP) supports the ongoing character development of staff and members in Jewish communities led by Institute-trained leaders, through mindfulness practice and tikkun middot, the cultivation of moral traits (such as patience, compassion, trust, and mindful speech).
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I'm looking for the html code for the dot. Not the dot that's at the end of sentences but the dot that's used to separate items horizontally. Item 1 . Item 2 . Item 3 The traditional dot is cente...
Tikkun Middot Yoga – Beth Am Israel
WELCOME to BAI! We Beth Am’ers are an inclusive, spiritual bunch, joyfully bound together by our belief that, through soulful prayer, lifelong learning, and generous service, we create kindness, craft meaning and can transform the world.
Jewish Virtues and Values - Homeschool Pages
Studying basic Jewish values (middot) is a wonderful way to reinforce your Hebrew learning. Memorizing Hebrew keywords will increase your Jewish literacy level and also provide you with opportunity to teach valuable moral and spiritual lessons to your child.
Mishnah Middot 1 - Sefaria
In three places the Kohanim stood guard in the Temple: in the Chamber of Avtinas, in the Chamber of Nitsots [sparks] and in the Chamber of Fire. The Levites...
Tikkun Middot - Bnai Keshet
New class starting in November: Intro to Tikkun Middot: First meeting on Monday, November 6 th. This is an introductory class for those who have not yet participated in an ongoing Tikkun Middot study group.
YUTorah Online - Gemara\Middot
You can see general items (newest, most popular and related shiurim for your topic),collections to view the various topics found within your topic, featured (the shiurim hand-selected by our editors that we think you will enjoy),and all the available series and categories within this topic's shiurim.
Middot (Talmud) - Wikipedia
Tractate Middot (Hebrew: מִדּוֹת ‎, lit. "Measurements") is the tenth tractate of Seder Kodashim ("Order of Holies") of the Mishnah and of the Talmud.This tractate describes the dimensions and the arrangement of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and the Second Temple buildings and courtyards, various gates, the altar of sacrifice and its surroundings, and the places where the Priests and ...