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Monitoring - definition of monitoring by The Free Dictionary
mon·i·tor (mŏn′ĭ-tər) n. 1. One that admonishes, cautions, or reminds, especially with respect to matters of conduct. 2. A pupil who assists a teacher in routine duties. 3. a. A usually electronic device used to record, regulate, or control a process or system. b. A video display or speaker used in a production studio to check audio or video ...
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Monitoring definition, (especially formerly) a student appointed to assist in the conduct of a class or school, as to help take attendance or keep order. See more.
What is monitoring? definition and meaning ...
Our company ensures quality products are delivered by closely monitoring every step of the manufacturing process in our assembly line.
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The next year'll be your last one at the monitoring, won't it? We are monitoring his frequency and your call was relayed to me. I speak English because we've been monitoring your radio broadcasts for years.
Monitoring | definition of monitoring by Medical dictionary
monitoring [mon´ĭ-ter-ing] constant checking on a patient's condition, either personally or by means of a mechanical monitor. acid-base monitoring in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as the collection and analysis of patient data to regulate acid-base balance. biological monitoring examination of materials such ...
Monitoring - USGS Earthquake Hazard Program
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards
Monitoring - American Association of Diabetes Educators
When you have diabetes, your body doesn’t properly manage blood sugar (glucose), its main source of fuel. To keep your blood sugar level on target and avoid problems with your eyes, kidneys, heart and feet, you should eat right and be active, and you may need to take medication.
What Monitoring Is; Definition and Purpose
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Rapid Response Monitoring is committed to having the most qualified, extensively trained personnel and the most advanced technologies available with the singular purpose of providing our Dealers and their customers with the very best monitoring services.
Welcome - Wisconsin Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
Wisconsin Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Welcome to the Wisconsin Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. The ePDMP is a new tool to help combat the ongoing prescription drug abuse epidemic in Wisconsin.