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Historical Examples. of non-invasive. This is the Anarchistic definition of government: the subjection of the non-invasive individual to an external will.
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non·in·va·sive (non'in-vā'siv), Denoting a procedure that does not require insertion of an instrument or device through the skin or a body orifice for diagnosis or treatment. noninvasive (nŏn′ĭn-vā′sĭv) adj. 1. Not penetrating the body, as by incision or injection: noninvasive surgery. 2.
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Not invading healthy tissue: noninvasive cancer of the bladder. noninvasive (ˌnɒnɪnˈveɪsɪv) adj (Surgery) (of medical treatment) not involving the making of a relatively large incision in the body or the insertion of instruments, etc, into the patient. non•in•va•sive (ˌnɒn ɪnˈveɪ sɪv) adj. 1.
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— Daisy Yuhas, Scientific American, "Forget Pills and Surgery for Back Pain," 1 Oct. 2017 Today’s imaging tools are noninvasive, which means there’s nary a brush or Q-tip in sight, and there will be no removal of particles.
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Noninvasive diseases usually do not spread to or damage other organs and tissues. Noninvasive procedures do not involve tools that break the skin or physically enter the body. Examples include x-rays, a standard eye exam , CT scan , MRI , ECG , and Holter monitoring .
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non-invasive definition: relating to any medical test or treatment that does not cut the skin or enter any of the body spaces: . Learn more.
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‘Those non-invasive procedures are the newest and most popular weapon in the arsenal against aging.’ ‘Collection of urine being a non-invasive procedure it is an ideal specimen especially in children with congenital infections.’