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n.1 "a hit with an explosive sound," c.1400, of imitative origin. Meaning "flavored carbonated beverage" is from 1812. A new manufactory of a nectar, between soda-water and ginger-beer, and called pop, because 'pop goes the cork' when it is drawn.
Popped, based in Las Vegas, is the only gourmet popcorn store to combine unique addicting flavors with creative customable packaging.
Popped! | Popcorn Kent Ohio
A Kent original, Popped! uses the best Ohio has to offer- like Ohio grown, Non-GMO popcorn, local butter from Hartzler Family Dairy in Wooster, locally roasted nuts, and honey from our own backyard.Even some of our containers are made just 1.4 miles away!
Popped - definition of popped by The Free Dictionary
POP abbr. 1. Computers point of presence 2. point of purchase 3. proof of purchase pop 1 (pŏp) v. popped, pop·ping, pops v.intr. 1. To make a short, sharp, explosive sound. 2. To burst open with a short, sharp, explosive sound. 3. To move quickly or unexpectedly; appear abruptly: At last the cottage popped into view. 4. To open wide suddenly: The ...
Urban Dictionary: Popped
To be fresh out of money. Andrew: Dude you know how I hung out with that girl last weekend? Kyler: Yeah why? Andrew: Well somehow everyone found out, and now I'm popped. Kyler: Yeah dude you are sooooo popped.
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EDITOR'S NOTE: This recipe tastes best when made with fresh popcorn popped on top of the stove in a little oil (do not salt).
Popped - Candy Store - Kent, Ohio - 118 Reviews - 846 ...
Popped - 175 E Erie St, Ste 201, Kent, Ohio 44240 - Rated 4.8 based on 118 Reviews "Great popcorn and ice cream! Very friendly staff. We love going to...
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Pop | Definition of Pop by Merriam-Webster
Verb. We heard the sound of corks popping as the celebration began. One of the buttons popped off my sweater. Guns were popping in the distance. We popped some popcorn in the microwave. The popcorn is done popping. I didn't mean to say that—it just popped out. Her shoulder popped out of its socket. He opened the box, and out popped a mouse. If you are busy, I can pop back in later.
Pop in - definition of pop in by The Free Dictionary
Related WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Verb 1. pop in - enter briefly; "He popped in for two minutes" come in, enter, get in, go in, go into, move into, get into - to come or go into; "the boat entered an area of shallow marshes" pop out - exit briefly; "He popped out for a quick coffee break" pop 1verb 1. To make a sudden sharp, explosive noise: bang, bark, clap, crack, snap. 2 ...