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Repudiation | Definition of Repudiation by Merriam-Webster
voters seemed satisfied by the candidate's public repudiation of the beliefs of an organization to which he had briefly belonged as a youth New Year's resolutions typically include the repudiation of chocolate and other indulgences and the promise to resume working out at the gym.
Repudiation - definition of repudiation by The Free Dictionary
2. repudiation - refusal to acknowledge or pay a debt or honor a contract (especially by public authorities); "the repudiation of the debt by the city"
Repudiation | Define Repudiation at
Contemporary Examples. of repudiation. This is not just a bold move, but a repudiation of the whole history of the entertainment industry.
Repudiation legal definition of repudiation - Legal Dictionary
Repudiation The rejection or refusal of a duty, relation, right, or privilege. Repudiation of a contract means a refusal to perform the duty or obligation owed to the other party. Anticipatory Repudiation is an act or declaration before performance is due under a contract that indicates that the party will not perform his or her obligation on the future ...
Repudiation Synonyms, Repudiation Antonyms |
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repudiation - Dictionary Definition :
Repudiation comes from the verb "repudiate," which is rooted in the Latin word repudiare, meaning to divorce or reject.If you show something is false, you have made a repudiation of that thing. Until the repudiation of the claims, people thought that heroin was a harmless ingredient that could help ease a cough.
Non-repudiation - Wikipedia
Non-repudiation refers to a situation where a statement's author cannot successfully dispute its authorship or the validity of an associated contract.The term is often seen in a legal setting when the authenticity of a signature is being challenged. In such an instance, the authenticity is being "repudiated".
What is repudiation? definition and meaning ...
Act, intention, or threat of disowning or rejection of an agreement already accepted or agreed to. Repudiation amounts to a breach of contract where the refusal to perform is clear or patent, and where it goes to the heart of the contract.
Repudiate | Definition of Repudiate by Merriam-Webster
3: to refuse to have anything to do with : disown repudiate a cause … unless they repudiated the failed policies of the past and took decisive action, the party might fracture or lose its hold on the electorate. — Walter A. McDougall
Repudiate - definition of repudiate by The Free Dictionary
Carlyle has learned to repudiate, and he would have others repudiate, 'The Everlasting No,' the materialistic attitude of unfaith in God and the spiritual world, and he proclaims 'The Everlasting Yea,' wherein are affirmed, the significance of life as a means of developing character and the necessity of accepting life and its requirements with manly self-reliance and moral energy.