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RIPE Network Coordination Centre
The RIPE NCC is one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) providing Internet resource allocations, registration services and coordination activities that support the operation of the Internet globally.
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RIPE - Wikipedia
RIPE as an organisation was established by the RIPE terms of reference, which were agreed on 29 November 1989. There were ten organisations intending to participate in the RIPE Coordinating Committee, along the lines defined by the RIPE Terms of Reference, though some still needed to make a formal decision.
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Webupdates — RIPE Network Coordination Centre
The smooth running of the Internet depends on the involvement of those who give their input on membership and policy issues. And there are many ways to get involved, online and in person.
RIPE Database — RIPE Network Coordination Centre
The RIPE Database contains registration information for networks in the RIPE NCC service region and related contact details. Registration information includes IP addresses and Autonomous System (AS) Numbers. Related contact details include organisations or users that are associated with these Internet number resources and their relevant Points of Contact (POC).
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