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Skillful | Definition of Skillful by Merriam-Webster
Choose the Right Synonym for skillful. proficient, adept, skilled, skillful, expert mean having great knowledge and experience in a trade or profession. proficient implies a thorough competence derived from training and practice. proficient in translating foreign languages adept implies special aptitude as well as proficiency. adept at doing long division skilled stresses mastery of technique.
Skillful focuses on the skills it takes to do a job—we help employers find qualified candidates, empower career coaches to better help job seekers, and support job seekers in using their capabilities to advance their careers.
Skillful Synonyms, Skillful Antonyms |
If she were skillful and played things right, who could tell? If the Lenape are so skillful, why is one of their bravest warriors here? The wary and skillful Johnston had another army, and he could not be far away.
Skillful | Markle | Advancing America's Future
Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb, the Markle Foundation, and Microsoft Announce Skillful Indiana: Bringing New Investment, Partners and Innovation to Indiana’s Next Level Workforce Agenda
Skillful | Definition of Skillful at
1. Skillful, skilled, expert refer to readiness and adroitness in an occupation, craft, or art. Skillful suggests especially adroitness and dexterity: a skillful watchmaker. Skilled implies having had long experience and thus having acquired a high degree of proficiency: not an amateur but a skilled worker. Expert means having the highest degree of proficiency; it may mean much the same as ...
Skilful | Definition of Skilful by Merriam-Webster
Skilful definition is - chiefly British spelling of skillful. Time Traveler: Explore other words from the year skilful first appeared Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared
Skillful - Crossword Clue Answer | Crossword Heaven
Find answers for the crossword clue: Skillful. We have 8 answers for this clue.
SKILLFUL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
skillful definition: US spelling of skilful. Learn more. Word of the Day. praise. to express admiration or approval of the achievements or characteristics of a person or thing
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About. Skillful is a five-level course taking students from foundation to advanced. Each level includes both a Listening & Speaking and Reading & Writing coursebook that complement each other through parallel topics and features.
Skilful - definition of skilful by The Free Dictionary
skil·ful (skĭl′fəl) adj. Chiefly British Variant of skillful. skilful (ˈskɪlfʊl) or skillful adj 1. possessing or displaying accomplishment or skill 2. involving or requiring accomplishment or skill ˈskilfully, ˈskillfully adv ˈskilfulness, ˈskillfulness n skil•ful (ˈskɪl fəl) adj. Chiefly Brit. skillful. skilful skilled 1. 'skilful ...