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Slimy | Definition of Slimy by Merriam-Webster
Slimy definition is - of, relating to, or resembling slime : viscous; also : covered with or yielding slime. How to use slimy in a sentence.
Slimy - definition of slimy by The Free Dictionary
For, now, the last of the fleet of ships was round the last low point we had headed; and the last green barge, straw-laden, with a brown sail, had followed; and some ballast-lighters, shaped like a child's first rude imitation of a boat, lay low in the mud; and a little squat shoal-lighthouse on open piles, stood crippled in the mud on stilts and crutches; and slimy stakes stuck out of the mud ...
Slimy | Definition of Slimy at
Slimy definition, of or like slime. See more.
SLIMY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
If you describe a person as slimy, you mean that the person appears to be friendly but cannot be trusted and is not sincere : He was really a slimy character. (Definition of slimy from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Translations of slimy
Urban Dictionary: Slimy
Slimy unknown An adjective used to describe a male who endeavours to spend as much time as possible being 'good friends' with other peoples girlfriends behind the back of the girls boyfriend. He will occasionally try to get too close with her and she may become aware of his true intentions, but this is only in lucky scenarios.
Slimy Synonyms, Slimy Antonyms |
"Dry or slimy, you would be just the same dear old Dick," she whispered. His descent into the street was like the descent into a slimy aquarium from which the water had been run off. Sheet and pillow-case were slimy with oil, yet the chamois-skin bag was safe. Now and then a snake drew away its slimy length and Dick shuddered.
Slimey - definition of Slimey by The Free Dictionary
slime ooze - As in mud or slime, it traces back to an Old Norse word meaning "puddle, stagnant pool," and originally meant juice or sap from a plant or fruit. slime - Related to Latin limus, "mud, slime."
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Slimy vs Slimey - What's the difference? | WikiDiff
As adjectives the difference between slimy and slimey is that slimy is of or pertaining to, resembling, of the nature of, covered or daubed with, yielding, abounding in slime; viscous; glutinous while slimey is . As a noun slimy is a ponyfish.
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