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noun. a person who vouches or is responsible for a person or thing. a person, firm, organization, etc., that finances and buys the time to broadcast a radio or television program so as to advertise a product, a political party, etc.
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spon·sor (spŏn′sər) n. 1. One who assumes responsibility for another person or a group during a period of instruction, apprenticeship, or probation. 2. One who vouches ...
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There are many ways to sponsor an alien. In the immigration field, the term "sponsor" often means to bring to the United States or "petition for". If you would like to sponsor
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Sponsoring something (or someone) is the act of supporting an event, activity, person, or organization financially or through the provision of products or services. The individual or group that provides the support, similar to a benefactor, is known as sponsor
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sponsored / ˈspɒnsəd / adj. denoting an activity organized to raise money for a charity in which sponsors agree to donate money on completion of the activity, or a specified period or amount of it, by participants
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Sponsored Accounts provide customized access to Northeastern’s online resources (based on a sponsor approval) to individuals who have temporary or variable associations with the university, such as vendors, contractors, consultants, people whose official employment has ended but who are hired as contractors or consultants, graduate students and students employed by a university department.
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It’s always difficult selecting the right show to suit both a program’s needs while telling a story that will stay with the audience long afte…
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