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noun. one of 12 equal or nearly equal parts of an object, quantity, measurement, etc (as modifier) a twelfth partthe fraction equal to one divided by 12 (1 / 12)music. an interval of one octave plus a fifth
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twelfth (twĕlfth) n. 1. The ordinal number matching the number 12 in a series. 2. One of 12 equal parts. [Middle English twelfthe, alteration of Old English twelfta; see dwo- in Indo-European roots.] twelfth adv. & adj. twelfth (twɛlfθ) adj (Mathematics) (usually prenominal) a. coming after the eleventh in number or counting order, position, time ...
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The Twelfth (also called the Glorious Twelfth or Orangemen's Day) is an Ulster Protestant celebration held on 12 July. It began during the late 18th century in Ulster.It celebrates the Glorious Revolution (1688) and victory of Protestant king William of Orange over Catholic king James II at the Battle of the Boyne (1690), which began the Protestant Ascendancy in Ireland.
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(ordinal) The ordinal form of the number twelve, describing a person or thing in position number 12 of a sequence. The answer appears on the twelfth page of the book. She finished twelfth in the race.··(fractional) One of twelve equal parts of a whole. A twelfth of 240 is 20. Five twelfths of the population voted in support of the proposal ...
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Twelfth is the one after the eleventh, or is 1/12 of anything that is divided into 12 equal parts.