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Sunday Ultra-Dwarf For Greens
Sunday is an Ultra-Dwarf “greens” type bermudagrass. Developed by a turf grower and golf course owner…More Info
Ultradwarf bermudagrass
Ultradwarf bermudagrasses have shorter rhizomes, faster ball speeds, and are more heavily stoloniferous, and more prone to thatch and localized dry spots, than the traditional standard Tifdwarf.
Dwarf galaxy - Wikipedia
A dwarf galaxy is a small galaxy composed of about 100 million up to several billion stars, a small number compared to the Milky Way's 200–400 billion stars. The Large Magellanic Cloud, which closely orbits the Milky Way and contains over 30 billion stars, is sometimes classified as a dwarf galaxy; others consider it a full-fledged galaxy.Dwarf galaxies' formation and activity are thought to ...
White Dwarf Stars - Universe Today
[/caption] White dwarf stars are the corpses of stars; what happens once they’ve used up all their fuel and lack the temperature and pressure to continue fusion in their core. A white dwarf will ...
Dwarf star - Wikipedia
A dwarf star is a star of relatively small size and low luminosity.Most main sequence stars are dwarf stars. The term was originally coined in 1906 when the Danish astronomer Ejnar Hertzsprung noticed that the reddest stars—classified as K and M in the Harvard scheme could be divided into two distinct groups. They are either much brighter than the Sun, or much fainter.
Dwarf Planets | NASA
National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA Official: Brian Dunbar. No Fear Act; FOIA; Privacy; Office of Inspector General; Office of Special Counsel
Ultra-hot gas around remnants of sun-like stars ...
This is an artist's impression of the hot white dwarf GALEXJ014636.8+323615 (white) and its ultra-hot circumstellar magnetosphere (purple) trapped with the magnetic field (green).
Greenfire Farms - Ultra Exotic
We can’t decide whether this is the chicken you buy for your best friend or worst enemy. At any rate, the exotic Ayam Ketawa, with its maniacal laughing vocalizations, will leave an indelible impression on both.
Dwarf Hamster Care | Roborovski, Russian & Chinese Hamsters
The term ‘Dwarf Hamster’ or ‘Russian Dwarf Hamster‘ refers to one of a few different species of small rodent that originates from parts of Asia, Russia, and China. They make excellent pets for children and adults alike.. Unlike the larger Syrian Hamster – Dwarf Hamsters are sociable animals that can live with others of their species. Being able to live together in peace is, of course ... - The Dwarf Hamster Guide
Roborovski Dwarf Hamster. The Roborovski dwarf hamster or robo dwarf hamster is the smallest hamster species kept as pets. It measures less than 3 inches even in adulthood. In the wild, robo dwarf hamsters can be found in the deserts of Russia, Kazakhstan, and northern China.