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Visceral | Definition of Visceral by Merriam-Webster
The Tie Between Visceral and Biology. The "viscera" are the internal organs of the body-especially those located in the large cavity of the trunk (e.g., the heart, liver, and intestines).
Visceral - definition of visceral by The Free Dictionary
2. Being or arising from impulse or sudden emotion rather than from thought or deliberation: "The scientific approach to life is not really appropriate to states of visceral anguish" (Anthony Burgess). See Synonyms at instinctive.
visceral - Dictionary Definition :
When something's visceral, you feel it in your guts. A visceral feeling is intuitive — there might not be a rational explanation, but you feel that you know what's best, like your visceral reaction against egg salad.
Visceral | Define Visceral at
Visceral definition, of or relating to the viscera. See more. adj. 1570s, "affecting inward feelings," from Middle French viscéral, from Medieval Latin visceralis "internal," from Latin viscera, plural of viscus "internal organ," of unknown origin. The bowels were regarded as the seat of emotion.
visceral | Definition of visceral in English by Oxford ...
‘The viewer of art sees beyond its visceral ingredients and in some sense is intellectually or emotionally engaged.’ ‘Many of the photographs graphically show pain's visceral nature.’
Definition of Visceral - MedicineNet
Visceral: Referring to the viscera, the internal organs of the body, specifically those within the chest (as the heart or lungs) or abdomen (as the liver, pancreas or intestines). In a figurative sense, something "visceral" is felt "deep down." It is a "gut feeling."
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Synonyms for visceral at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for visceral.
Visceral Fat: What It Is and How to Get Rid of It
It’s healthy to have some body fat, but all fat is not created equal. Visceral fat is a type of body fat that’s stored within the abdominal cavity.
VISCERAL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
visceral definition: 1. based on deep feeling and emotional reactions rather than on reason or thought: 2. relating to the large organs inside the body, including the heart, stomach, lungs, and intestines 3. based on emotional reactions rather than on reason or thought: . Learn more.
visceral - Wiktionary
(anatomy) Of or relating to the viscera—internal organs of the body; splanchnic. 1875, Charles Darwin, Insectivorous Plants, ch. 6: Some areolar tissue free from elastic tissue was next procured from the visceral cavity of a toad. 1914, Arthur B. Reeve, The Dream Doctor, ch. 22 The X-Ray "Movies": "I can focus the X-rays first on the screen ...